Problem Solving & Self Rescue for Climbers – Do you know how to stay safe?

Problem Solving & Self Rescue for Climbers – Do you know how to stay safe?

Learn How to Prevent and Solve Problems – Climber’s Self Rescue Skills

Do you know what to do if your climber partner becomes injured on a climb?
Do you know what to do if your second is physically stuck or unable to climb through the crux of a route?
Do you know how to escape off a multi pitch climb if the weather deteriorates?
Do you know how to use a rope to climb up to safety from a sea cliff climb?
Do you know how to keep yourself safe when you are no longer attached into the belay system?
Do you have the skills to safely rig an abseil down to a stuck climber to administer first aid?
Do you have the skills to ensure an unconscious climber’s airway is kept open if they are hanging in space?
Do you have the skills to help your climbing partner if they have fallen when leading?

Perhaps most importantly, do you know how you can prevent the majority of problems even arising?!

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VIXON Climbing provides tailored, progressive tuition to help you to develop your skills. We work systematically so that you can develop your repertoire of climbing ‘tools’ so that you are in a stronger position to prevent and solve problems. We even provide you with resources so that you can practice at home in your own time!

These courses are ideal for climbers who already have a good understanding of basic rope skills and setting up belays. If this is still a bit of a fuzzy area for you, then why not get some personal coaching with us or book onto one of our Climber’s Rope Skills Courses first.

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Don’t forget we are also able to provide exclusive Self Rescue training courses for clubs, or organisations.  These can be arranged at a convenient location for you and we offer a discount for group bookings. Please contact us if you would like to chat through different options.