Personal Coaching for Climbing, Hill Walking and First Aid Skills

Personal Coaching for Climbing, Hill Walking and First Aid Skills

“Your relaxed, professional and purposeful approach helped us to gain both skills and confidence rapidly, while really enjoying a day out on the moor – thank you! More than anything, the thought you put into the personalisation of your coaching, and quiet ability to boost confidence was very much appreciated.”

“I learned more in one day than in weeks of indoor climbing. Look forward to the follow-up.”

Focus on Exactly What is Relevant to You! Learn Faster and Remember More!

Our Personal Coaching sessions give you the ultimate flexibility. You can focus on exactly what is relevant for you and what you want to learn. We’ll chat to you beforehand and tailor your coaching so that we really help you to make the most of your time with us.

Personal Climbing Coaching in the UK or Spain

We can work with you personally on exactly what climbing skills you would like to learn, whether that’s practicing more efficient rope work, developing your movement technique or getting your head in gear for leading routes. The full range of our climbing courses can be taught on a personal coaching basis in the UK or Spain.

Hill Walking Skills

We’ll work with you to develop your skills and confidence to operate safely in the mountain and moorland environment. Any of our hill walking courses are available and beginner, intermediate and more advanced skills can all be catered for. Navigation techniques, movement skills on steep terrain, and even preparation for hill walking assessments can all be done on a personal coaching basis.

First Aid

Fancy your very own first aid course tailored exactly to the sports and activities that are relevant to you? Whether you would like to focus on just learning additional first aid skills, or if you would like to do one of our certified first aid courses, we can work with you on a personal coaching basis. That way you get to book your course at a location that’s convenient for you and you can choose when you would like to do it!

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