Lead Climbing Courses in Devon

Lead Climbing Courses in Devon

Learn to Lead Climbing Course

Once you’ve got to grips with seconding and top roping routes, learning to lead climb is your next step. On our two day course we’ll work with you so that you have a good understanding of how to choose the right routes, how to select, carry and place gear safely and efficiently, how to construct belays and on top of that we’ll also give you some tips and strategies to help you to stay calm and enjoy the leading process! We take a progressive approach to your coaching so we’ll make sure you have the support and safety you need on your first leads. This course is also beneficial for more experienced climbers who would like to increase their confidence levels when they are on the ‘sharp end’ of the rope.

Lead Climbing Courses

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OR… Organise Exclusive Personal Coaching

Don’t forget we also provide personal coaching, so if you would like to work on a 1:1 coaching basis then please get in touch. We can then arrange a date and location that works best for you and we can ensure we work at your speed and focus on exactly what you would like to cover. Please contact us if you would like to chat through different options.