Emergency First Aid at Work Courses in Devon

Emergency First Aid at Work Courses in Devon

Emergency First Aid Courses with VIXON Climbing

In addition to our two day Outdoor First Aid Courses we also run Emergency First Aid at Work courses. These one day (6hr) First Aid courses are designed for people who want to learn first aid that’s particularly relevant to emergencies that might happen in the work place.

These courses are ideally suited for nominated first aiders in smaller, low risk working environments but they also give you vital skills that you might need in an emergency out of the work place too! Learn CPR, how to bandage injuries, what to do if someone collapses and more!

What does the ITC Emergency First Aid at Work Course Cover?

First Aid KitThe Priorities of First Aid – What’s important to do and when!
Treatment of an Unconscious Casualty – Someone’s ‘out of it’, what are you going to do?!
Safe Airway Positions – How to give them the best chance of breathing safely
Resuscitation (CPR) – The biggy! What to do if someone stops breathing
Shock – This can be a killer, tips for helping to prevent shock
Choking – What you can do if Barry chokes on his sarnie
Seizures – Can be scary but they’re easier to deal with than you think
Wounds and Bleeding – Bandaging and dealing with the wet stuff
Common workplace injuries – There are more than you think
Health and safety (first aid) regulations – The formal bit!
Recording Incidents – What to do after an incident
Content Guidelines for First Aid Kits – What that box should actually have in it

What First Aid Certificate will you Receive?

Once you’ve completed the course and flown through your assessments, your paper work is check by ITC. After that you will be awarded an ITC Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate which is valid for 3 years. This qualification also satisfies the HSE obligations for the employer for small, low risk workplaces. This makes it a particularly handy certificate to pop on the CV.

How will you be Trained and Assessed?

The ITC First Aid course format provides a systematic approach that develops your skills progressively. In other words, the course is designed in a way to help you to learn. You have loads of opportunities to practice and you will be given tips and strategies to help you to remember what to do and when! Your assessment is ongoing throughout the course so that you have the chance to refine your skills as needed. At the end of the course there is then a short multiple choice quiz to complete.

Arrange an Emergency First Aid Course for Yourself or a Group

We provide exclusive first aid training courses for small groups, clubs, or organisations. These can be arranged at a convenient location for you and we offer a discount for group bookings. Please contact us if you would like to chat through different options.